What is swood?

swood (or swood.exe) is a program for automatically tuning audio samples to different frequencies. It works as a MIDI synthesizer, which can be used to process audio in realtime (like the Casio SK-5) or convert MIDIs directly into WAV files.

One could use this for real music, but the main purpose is for meme remixes like Robotniktrousle or ECCH by Glamour. In the past, this has been done by extracting sound clips from obscure terrible animated movies/TV shows/YouTube videos (like Hotel Mario) and painstakingly rearranging them one-by-one in a video editor. This is hard work! Where swood comes in is by taking in the video clips and a MIDI and spitting out zero-effort mememixes.

TL;DR: A meme is worth a thousand words

No, what is a "swood"

It's from this video by JonTron. People make remixes using autotuned clips from his videos all the time, so I decided there couldn't be a better name for a program that generates these sorts of remixes.

Download swood

Try the premade installers:

If you want to mess with the code and already have Python 3.5 installed, you can install it manually with pip install swood. You may need a working C compiler (such as the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler).

You will need to install swood manually. First install Python 3.5 (sudo apt install python3.5 on Debian/Ubuntu). Then install a C compiler (sudo apt install build-essential). After that you can run pip install swood as usual. Be sure to check for upgrades every so often with pip install --upgrade swood.

Here's a nickel kid. Get yourself a real computer. (swood hasn't ever been tested on a Mac. One could probably follow similar instructions to Linux to install it, though you'd probably have to recompile several libraries.)

How do I use it?

See the wiki article.